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Young Partner's Plan
31 May 2014   -   posted by Dr.John Wesly   -   in Magazines   -   3 Comments

With a great vision from God, Dr. John Wesly started the Young partner's plan as a special way of blessings to young Children and youth. As Young Holy Team is a youth movement which is inspiring thousands of young people in India, the Young Partners' Plan offers an opportunity for youth to take part in this noble ministry.

Young people need to come forward to work for the Lord in these days.

Ministry to youth is difficult but rewarding. When an old person is saved, his soul alone is saved. When a youngster is saved, his life is also saved. In the bible God usually chooses young people for most challenging tasks. Youth must be given active role in the Church. With enough of freedom and guidance, they will accomplish fantastic things.

Here is the promise for every Young partner of Young Holy Team.

“You will find your Joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the Land." Isaiah 58:14
Benefits of Young Partner
  • They will be covered by the Prayers of Dr. John Wesly and Mrs. Blessie Wesly.
  • Their names will be entered in Prayer Book and YHT prayer worriers will uphold them in Prayers.
  • They will get opportunity to work with Dr. Wesly’s crusades and meetings.
  • They will be encouraged in every aspect to stand for God.
Be a part in this plan

Download the YPP form, fill it and send it to our email. You can make a donation to join in this plan.
You can make the following minimum amount according to your convenience.

  • India Rs. 3000 or Rs. 100 Every Month
  • Other than India. US $ 250.

You are most welcome to contribute towards this plan continuously even though you have completed the minimum amount. Because the amount you have given to the YPP will be used to reach many more souls everyday. Surely your regular monthly contributions will abound God's blessings on you and will go a long way in bringing more perishing souls into His Kingdom.

Call +91-9000333555 for more information Or email us at youngholyteam@yahoo.com

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