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Young Holy Team   -   Harvest Of The Youth
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YOUNG HOLY TEAM is a non -profitable and faith based organization registered under the Andhra Pradesh societies registration act Regd. No: 328/2005.

Young Holy Team is an international Christian youth movement with a vision and purpose. The main purpose of this team is to share the love of Christ to the present generation and to lead them in a Holy walk with Jesus Christ. The strength of the movement is its special focus on a life centered on the Lord Jesus Christ; beginning with an experience of God, nourished by prayer, the Word of God, the fellowship, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. We consider ourselves to be inspired and called by the Holy Spirit in these times, to be at the service of the Church and the world, especially the youth.

The youth of today are running forward to reach high standards of living. The quest for knowledge, the thirst for money and craving to lead sophisticated lives, is driving men crazy. Maintaining their standards in this highly competitive world, keeps them moving always on their toes. The young blood which is so full of energy is ready to do anything to satisfy its desires immediately. Man’s self will and mounting-up desires propel him in the direction which looks attractive, comfortable and modern. In spite of reaching the pinnacle of success, they are confused, frustrated and land up in all sorts of addictions like smoking, drinking, drugs and sexual abuse .

As the knowledge of science increased, the theories of evolution are more stressed upon and God is limited only to religious books and not to reality. In their busy schedule, they don’t have time to sit back and think even for a minute about where they are heading. What they fail to understand is that their impulsive, hasty decisions may cost them their lives.

In this present era which is drowned in a sea of crooked thoughts, perverse ideas, jealousy, egoism, overconfidence a group of young students raised their voices in unity and purity and called themselves the Young Holy Team.

To Equip

Man wants to be perfect; perfect in everything, the failure of which makes him unsatisfied and disappointed. But, he fails to realize that he cannot be perfect without God.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.2Tim 3:16’’

YHT equips young people to be perfect, to be able to handle any situation, to stand up for the Lord in times of temptation and trial. YHT also trains young people to take counseling sessions for others in need, to lead Bible studies, prayer cells, open air ministries and become evangelists.

YHT provides a perfect training ground for young people to be thoroughly equipped for every good work. YHT equips young dynamic individuals with the word of God so that they can protect themselves from wrong doctrines, stand firm in faith and fight against the forces of darkness.

To Enlighten

“The God of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ. 2Cor4:4” In this present world, there is a lack of moral concept and sin is not being considered as sin anymore.

Youngsters today, are badly in search of love, peace , and truth . There is a need to direct them to the real truth and show them what love is all about.

YHT enlightens them with the word of God so that they may grow spiritually and find the real truth, everlasting peace , unfading love and solace in the arms of God. YHT takes time to patiently answer questions along with scientific proofs and guides them to lead a holy life with obedience and commitment to God.

To Empower

“I have given you authority… to overcome all the power of the enemy. Lk10:19”

YHT empowers young people to have authority over every situation in their day to day life. We are entrusted in empowering the youth with the Holy spirit ,the burden of the souls and preparing them to reach the lost.

As a whole, YHT radiates the love of Christ to the youth the lost and the needy to provide a blossoming life floated with peace and love of Christ and intend to multiply the population of heaven.

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