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Special Events
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Prayer Cells: We conduct prayer cells in many places in Rajahmundry. We encourage people to pray earnestly for their needs and for the needs of other people. We pray for all nations.

Peace Rallies: We organize Peace rallies to promote peace in the society in special occasions like Christmas, Easter and Independence day and other.

Music Concerts with Blind Musicians: We invite professional blind musicians and physically challenged musicians to sing unto God. Many young people are being encouraged by these concerts.

Medical camps: We do conduct lot of medical camps in rural and tribal areas. Thrice in a year we conduct Eye camps where lot of poor people receive free medicine and glasses. We help some people for eye surgeries.

Blood Donation Camps: We donate blood for poor and needy people and accident victims. Young people are actively involving in donating blood. As for now, we have donated blood to hundreds of people in Andhra Pradesh.

Free Cloth Distribution: We buy and distribute clothes to poor people. Every year on Christmas time, we encourage our Church members to donate clothes to the poor and needy. We have got tremendous response from our Church believers.

Free Scholarships to Poor students: Dr John Wesly is very kind enough to extend his support to poor students by giving scholarships for their education, books, hostel fee and examination fee. So many poor students are being benefited by this program.

Rice distribution for poor widows: We donate rice bags for poor widows from our church. Many widows in our surrounding areas are being benefited from this program.

As the lord leads, you can extend your support for above programs.

  • 1. Pray for all the activities
  • 2. Participate and work with us voluntarily.
  • 3. Extend financial support to meet the needs.

Feel free to contact for any further information. God bless!

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