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Divine Wisdom Bible Institute   -   Commissioning People For Global Evangelism
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Divine Wisdom Bible Institute has been started by Dr. John Wesly and his father Pastor Joseph Vijaya Kumar in the year 2013 with a goal and purpose to train young people as powerful Evangelists who can go and shake the World with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The students of the Bible Institute will be provided lodging and boarding with minimal cost. They will be trained in both theoretical and practical aspects by national and international faculty. World renowned Biblical Scholars will teach periodically. They will be actively engaged in the local church meetings, Open air meetings and also Crusade ministry. This exposure helps the students to prepare themselves for the future ministry.

Divine Wisdom Bible Institute (DWBI) trains and equips young people who are passionate to serve Jesus Christ as Evangelists by offering an affordable theological education combining academic instruction with practical hands-on ministry and personal mentorship. Our mission is to empower these young people to be instruments who can evangelize all nations.

Our Core values include:
  • Promote an environment in which the Bible is central to every area of life.
  • Promote motive of love and servant hood among the students.
  • Value the gifting, calling and dignity of each individual as God's creation and encourage them to use the talents for the edification of the body of Christ.
  • Provide both theoretical and practical lessons in the ministry.

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